In the specialized field of surface decontamination and indoor air quality, we use strict methods and protocols that respect the most stringent environmental standards. At CRYOTECHNIC, we know that each project is unique and always strive to find the best solution. We offer top-notch services throughout Quebec and have a team of qualified technicians on hand to answer all of your questions. Our certified technicians are committed to implementing safe and effective procedures that live up to your expectations.

We are recognized by both our clients and our partners for our efficiency, flexibility, enthusiasm and the quality of our services. Whether it’s improving the indoor air quality of your building, decontaminating mould, removing and disposing of asbestos-containing materials, diagnosing and treating dry rot (Serpula lacrymans) or cleaning soot-damaged goods, Cryotechnic is the gold standard.


Client satisfaction is our raison d’être! We deal with clients’ issues as if they were our own and care about how our work affects their quality of life. Our formalized processes, flexibility and support all help provide a service that exceeds expectations.

Our willingness to listen and be open to others is our driving force of innovation. By using effective, active communication tools, our clients’ expectations become the variables for adjusting our services, allowing us to develop customized work methods that guarantee the success of our projects.

Due to the nature of our projects, we put a lot of emphasis on the health and safety of stakeholders, and integrate rigour and consistency into our work methods.

Technical excellence is a founding principle that we apply to all our projects. In order to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and the professional development of our employees, this constant pursuit of excellence is also the guarantee of our success.

In addition to having a specialized contractor’s license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, Cryotechnic inc. is recognized by several international certification bodies. All of our projects are supervised by certified technicians.